JNPT-Antwerp Port Training and Consultancy Foundation

The JNPT-Antwerp Port Training and Consultancy Foundation is a training institution, set up between the training centre of the Port of Antwerp, the Belgian APEC-Antwerp/Flanders Port Training Center (APEC), and the Indian Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT). As of 2015, the two ports have been collaborating to offer short-term seminars in Mumbai for port professionals from all over the world. The training centre strives to be a global go-to training centre for port professionals. It offers short-term seminars covering topics from port and terminal management to very specific and technical subjects. For example, in 2018 the agenda consists of courses with topics such as “Dredging Strategy and Technology”, “Marine Services” and “Port and Terminal Management and Optimization”.

The courses are set up to be anything but a series of one-way lectures. The programme is specifically designed to encourage interaction amongst the participants and to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, expertise and best-practices. Not only are the programmes designed to facilitate the overall training needs of port professionals, they are also specifically adapted to a wide range of profiles that are working with or within a port. In the past three years, the JNPT-Antwerp Port Training and Consultancy Foundation has welcomed over 200 participants from all the major ports of India. In addition, there have also been a notable amount of participants from the Indian private sector as well as government officials. The training centre is now also able to receive an international public.

Together with JNPT, APEC hopes to keep on offering its port training in India to an international professional public to keep increasing the number of participants, building bonds and sharing knowledge, as well as learning from one another.