JadeWeserPort – The Seabin Project

The JadeWeserPort is committed to avoiding environmental pollution and operates according to the principle of sustainability in all its corporate divisions. Innovative technologies are needed to protect coastal ecosystems. In addition to the existing port catching systems, the use of the Seabin Technology is intended to serve the professional disposal of debris. Creating an environmentally friendly port ultimately means creating a port with no negative impact on our environment. This in turn requires a rethink, characterised by radical innovation and new concepts.

Mistakenly, plastic is regarded as a useful consumer product. However, the growing amount of plastic waste has severe consequences.┬áConsidering how to counteract the plastic waste problem, the “Seabin Project” proved to be the most economical and most marketable solution in direct comparison with other systems and concepts for the intention of cleaning the ports. The Seabin is an innovation in ocean cleaning technology that helps to create cleaner oceans with healthier marine life and contribute to a better way of life.

The floating sea debris separator, the Seabin, is used to combat plastic waste starting with ports, yacht clubs and marinas. The suction of water and the debris which it contains enables the interception of micro and macro plastics as well as micro fibres. In addition, this technology is designed to clean water which is contaminated by organic materials, such as algae, leaves, etc. The aim of the “Seabin Project” is to contribute to the conservation of the oceans and to the fight against plastic waste.