Gladstone Ports Corporation – Expansion of community parklands

Over the past 40 years, Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) has opened the harbor up to residents through the establishment and maintenance of an inspiring 54 hectares of community parklands. There is plenty of space to relax, play and enjoy as well as providing community connection to the pristine waterways that the region is known for. Our parklands are part of our ongoing commitment to the community and we continue to develop the parkland vision for the future.

As part of GPC’s master plan, we have now transformed an existing industrial precinct to a state-of-the-art recreational hub with the opening of East Shores Stage 1B in August 2020. The Stage 1B area added 3.5 hectares to the existing park network and has been designed to generate pride for the people of Gladstone and attract further tourism to the area, while connecting our operations within the community.

Gladstone’s rich maritime and industrial history is celebrated throughout the parklands with various displays including an original 1947 D6 Dozer, the South Tree Lead Light, the calcite conveyor and hopper system, anchors and other maritime artefacts. The displays pay homage to site’s history as part of Auckland Point Terminal. It has also brought a range of new facilities to the East Shores precinct including a cruise ship passenger terminal, restaurant and microbrewery, boot camp, big-screen outdoor theatre, basketball hoops, fishing platform, industrial themed play equipment and additional barbeque facilities.

The area has now been given back to the community, providing a space to meet, exercise, relax and play. By delivering a genuine community space, this project has generated a significant return on investment, added a new business to the area and continues to strengthen the link between the city heart and port operations.