Fiji Ports – Derelict Vessels Management Policy & Procedures

Fiji Ports is committed to maintaining a clean and safe maritime environment and a key aspect of this commitment is the proactive removal of derelict vessels and wrecks from the harbour through the implementation of its Derelict Vessels Management Policy.  This initiative is part of Fiji Ports’ broader environmental sustainability efforts and is crucial for preserving the ecological health and operational safety of Fiji’s ports.

This also includes regular monitoring of the harbour to identify and assess abandoned and deteriorating vessels which can pose a significant environment, navigation and safety hazard by the designated Fiji Ports’ Enforcement Officer. Fiji Ports also collaborates closely with other various stakeholders, including government agencies, maritime authorities, and local communities, to ensure a coordinated and efficient removal process.

Abandoned vessels can leak hazardous substances such as oil, fuel, and chemicals which can severely damage marine ecosystems. By removing these vessels, Fiji Ports helps prevent pollution and protects marine life. Derelict vessels can also pose navigational hazards, potentially leading to accidents or obstructions in busy shipping lanes. Clearing these hazards ensures safer navigation for all maritime traffic.

One notable example of Fiji Ports’ efforts in this area is the recent clearance operation carried out in Suva Habour. In collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and the Marine Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF), Fiji Ports successfully removed several derelict vessels that had been abandoned for years. This operation involved detailed planning, specialized equipment, and skilled personnel to safely dismantle and remove the wrecks without causing further environmental damage.

Fiji Ports remains steadfast in its commitment to environmental care and maritime safety. To date, Fiji Ports has spent over FJD $530,000+ towards removal of derelict vessels and wrecks. Future initiatives will continue to focus on the removal of derelict vessels and wrecks, supported by advancements in technology and stronger regulatory frameworks. By maintaining clean and safe harbours, Fiji Ports not only upholds its environmental responsibilities, but also supports the sustainable growth of Fiji’s maritime industry.