DP World Posorja – First free university in a DP World facility

To promote the development of educational quality and strengthening the labor capacities of the communities in the area of influence of its port, DP World Posorja (DPWP) led and signed a cooperation agreement in 2020 with the Municipality of Guayaquil and the ESPOL (Higher Polytechnic School of the Coast) for the implementation of the first free and public university of the Posorja parish of Guayaquil, Ecuador; the Academic Unit for Technical and Technological (TTU) Training of ESPOL.

This education model is short-lived and allows students to be trained on operations/engineering tasks and thus receive a degree in higher technology in just two years, an agile solution, especially in communities where there is neither experience nor knowledge. In fact, in Posorja, only 6.3% of high school graduates have access to third-level education, while the nearest university is two hours away by car. As the first free university in the area, this is a historic milestone that will contribute to the progress of the communities of Posorja, Playas, El Morro, and Isla Puná.

In coordination with the contributing companies, the following educational practices have been established:

  • 2-year programs (four semesters) to receive a superior technological degree.
  • 2 Careers: Mechatronics & Port Logistics in dual-modality.
  • Dual Methodology: 30% online / 70% practical tasks within DPW port/logistics operation.

In June 2022, the application process for a scholarship began with 1500 applicants, while later, in October, 150 participants started the admission process. After workshops, interviews, and courses, the pre-university course began in April 2023 with 51 selected participants. On May 15, 20 students started the Higher Technology in Mechatronics career, the first of this TTU. These trainees will be the first to graduate from university while already having experience in the port sector.