DP World – Global Education Programme

DP World aims to be essential to the future of global trade and believes that working in a sustainable and responsible way is essential to building a strong business for its customers, people and society. This is why DP World has produced a stimulating Global Education Programme for its own employees to deliver in schools. The initiative boosts the confidence and aspirations of students, while building employees’ skills and enhancing job satisfaction and commitment to the business.

The Programme provides a rewarding way for employees to use their volunteering leave for educating students on the logistics & maritime sector, safeguarding in that way the future of a key industry, and ensuring that future leaders understand the importance of working sustainably. The aims are to address global education needs, ensure a sustainable future pipeline of industry talent, and build soft skills of own employees.

The Programme targets students between the ages of 8 – 14 and is being implemented in 25 countries around the world. The global reach of the project presented challenges, which were successfully overcome by translating the content of 10 different modules, comprising of lesson plans, presentations, worksheets and feedback forms, into 14 different languages. The volunteering tutors/employees receive all necessary educational material and guidance to deliver an engaging session.

The feedback received by the impressive sum of 28,182 students and 786 teachers in the targeted schools, and the 865 volunteering employees from DP World business units in 25 countries globally, is summarized below and highlights the success of the Global Education Programme.

Within the targeted communities and schools globally:

  • 96.6% of pupils said they learnt something new
  • 85.4% said they learnt about global trade
  • 97.3% of teachers said it provided pupils with something new their school could not
  • 95.4% said they would recommend DP World as an employer to pupils

Within DP World employees globally:

  • 96% of DP World employees had improved commitment to DP World
  • 97.5% agreed the experience improved their communication skills
  • 94.4% agreed their job satisfaction was improved