Busan Port – Leader in Maritime Safety

The Busan Port Authority (BPA) identified the need for the enhancement of safety and security measures at Busan Port in a sustainable way. BPA aimed to address these safety issues using Korea-developed, innovative technologies, thereby both ensuring the security of citizens and visitors to the port, while also contributing to the growth of Korea’s maritime technology industry.

After examining incidents at the port and identifying risks affecting the safety of staff and citizens, BPA observed an online platform to monitor and support the testing of applicable, local technologies – with which SMEs and stakeholders could interact – before selecting four technologies to purchase and install at the port. The implementation of these new technologies was promoted in the press, further boosting the local industry.

The four technologies are as below:

  1. Life jacket launchers that reach up to 60m away, offering swift assistance to anyone in danger of drowning. Each launcher can be used up to 40 times consecutively, allowing for use where multiple people may be in distress. Two launchers were installed at the Gamman Citizen’s Pier.
  2. Distress alarms with automatic GPS tracking installed on life jackets available on the Busan Port Guide Boat. 20 distress alarms were introduced, in collaboration with local SMEs, who developed the signal transmitting technology.
  3. Automatic, escalator-handrail cleaners at Busan Port Passenger Terminal which allows for disinfection and cleaning, 24-hours-a-day, thus lowering the risk of disease and infection transmission. 10 cleaning devices were installed at the terminal.
  4. AI-connected, ‘Smart’ fire extinguishers which detect smoke automatically and are easier to use than traditional fire extinguishers. 355 units were installed throughout the port’s multi-purpose facilities.

These four new technologies at the port both enhance the safety and security of visitors and staff, while promoting innovation in domestic technologies.