Bilbao Port – Wind Hub

The Port of Bilbao and its hinterland is characterised by the presence of numerous leading manufacturers and service providers of offshore wind, linking the dynamic Basque wind energy sector with the rest of Europe and beyond. However, the space available in the port is limited, with an occupancy rate of 90.2%, making the manufacturing, assembly and operation of offshore wind in a single port challenging.

The Port Authority of Bilbao (PAB) is developing the BilbaoPort WINDHUB project to expand, reorganize and strengthen the capabilities, resilience and efficiency of its multi-port offshore wind transport and logistics chain services in the Atlantic Arc of the TEN-T network. This is a 71 million euro investment as part of the PAB’s 2024 Business Plan and is aligned with the European Union’s zero-emission strategy striving for energy self-efficiency. This project consists of 3 pillars:

  1. Reclaiming an additional 31 hectares of basic port infrastructure, accessible to all operators, to expand and strengthen the industrial and logistical capacity for XXL offshore wind and low-emission multimodal transport, without compromising the capacity and economic viability of the port’s current operations. This will be done through the circular construction of the quay fill, using up to 3.6 million m3 of material left over from large construction projects in the vicinity of the port, as well as, taking measures to make port infrastructure resilient to climate change and to restore and protect port biodiversity.
  2. Expansion of the green energy hub as part of the EcoPorts network with new infrastructure for photovoltaic solar and wind energy generation (+11 Megawatts).
  3. The BilbaoPortLab will promote inter-port partnerships and an open innovation ecosystem to accelerate the development of breakthrough products and services and will ensure a just transition.