Abu Dhabi Ports Group – Heroes of Hope

AD Ports Group opened the “Heroes of Hope” gym at Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal, which is operated by Desert Shield, with diverse and inclusive sports activities and an active programme of community events. The gym is the first facility of its kind in the UAE and will provide an ideal venue for people of determination (people with special needs) to develop their sporting, social and interpersonal skills.

There are over 11,000 people of determination (PoD) in the UAE. They all needed a gym and a community of hope, a place where they are fully accepted and supported for exactly who they are. Heroes of Hope is the first public gym for PoD’s in Abu Dhabi. A gym that inspires, motivates, and instils self-belief and confidence. The gym is driven by the ethos of the road less travelled that’s what made all the difference.

AD Ports Group sponsored this project by providing a space to set up the project, in collaboration with “MAAN” DCD. The owner of the gym and responsible for the operations and management of the gym is Desert Shield Fitness. Heroes of Hope is a not-for-profit group founded by Hollie Murphy to develop sporting, social, and interpersonal skills for people of determination.

By providing diverse sports programs year after year and attending events, Heroes of Hope has built a strong supportive community for athletes of determination and their families. The organization serves athletes as young as 4 years old, however, the focus is on individual athlete progression across many sporting disciplines and ability levels which caters to all ages, including adults.

Heroes of Hope works tirelessly to create opportunities and pathways for all the athletes to reach their physical fitness potential and accomplish their own individual dreams. Heroes of Hope operates in line with the United Arab Emirates National Policy to Empower “People of Determination”.