Fiji Ports – Inter-island shipping wharf (Muaiwalu 2) carbon-neutral facility

Fiji Ports is committed to conducting its business operations in a manner that safeguards the environment, prevents pollution, minimizes negative environmental impacts, and continually improves its environmental performance. Fiji Ports prioritizes environmental responsibility as a fundamental aspect of its business approach. Accordingly, Fiji Ports remains resolute in implementing measures to decrease the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions throughout its business operations.

Aligned to its Green Port Master Plan, Fiji Ports introduced its first carbon-neutral facility in early 2021. This facility was specifically constructed with efficient resource utilization and equipped with a solar power system. The objective was to reduce energy consumption, air pollution, water pollution, environmental pollution, and overall carbon footprint. The facility has been operational since 2021 and operates solely on 100% renewable energy, effectively making it a net-zero facility. A 6kW Solar PV System, solar car park lights, and other energy-efficient upgrades have been installed at the facility. These enhancements are estimated to yield electricity cost savings of FJ $1,600 per year and reduce emissions by 2.2t of CO2e annually.

Associated with Fiji Ports’ 5 Year Strategic Plan, this initiative/project holds significant benefits not only for Fiji Ports but also for the general public utilizing the inter-island ferry services. By embracing “greenification” Fiji Ports aims to inspire Pacific Islanders to adopt sustainable practices while providing strong leadership in this area. The initiative showcases Fiji Ports’ commitment and responsibility in utilizing resources and protecting the environment. The resulting reduction of carbon footprint and energy efficiency benefits are measured through the Fiji Ports Green Port Dashboard & Energy Tracker.

Through this initiative, Fiji Ports demonstrates its commitment to long-term planning and sustainability, ensuring that environmental considerations are at the forefront of its operations. By actively participating in and promoting sustainable practices, Fiji Ports sets an example for other organizations and individuals, encouraging them to prioritize the protection of the natural environment.