Ports Australia launches interactive online Sustainability hub with report showcasing core projects

Associate IAPH member Ports Australia launches an online Sustainability hub to highlight the significant advances of Australia’s ports in all five of WPSP’s main themes

Ports Australia

Associate IAPH member Ports Australia launches an online Sustainability hub to highlight the significant advances by Australia's ports in all five of WPSP's main themes

With the launch of its online Australian Ports Sustainability hub, Ports Australia has published a comprehensive report outlining concrete projects led by its members in all WPSP main disciplines, namely Climate and Energy, Resilient Infrastructure, Safety and Security, Community Outreach and Governance & Ethics.

The report, which can be downloaded from the Ports Australia website, is structured around the main WPSP themes, providing detailed information of each particular project, its targets and its achievements.

Chief Executive of Ports Australia Mike Gallacher, commented:

"Australia's Ports are economic foundations facilitating over 98 percent of our physical trade, but they are also community members and environmental partners. Sustainability is at the core of Port business planning. Ports depend on the future of the natural environment and community they operate in making these sustainability initiatives vital to business success while benefiting wider Port stakeholders."

He added : “The report itself is separated into five categories provided by the World Ports Sustainability Program. These categories sort the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in a way applicable to Ports. We have selected just 13 projects to showcase from the 100s happening around the country. I’m looking forward to us releasing many more of these fantastic projects on the reports online homepage."

Showcasing best-in-class port projects

Gladstone Ports

Amongst these projects, the Gladstone Ports Corporation's Indigenous Empowerment and Partnership project was nominated by the IAPH Jury as finalist and runner-up in this year's first World Ports Sustainability Awards at the annual IAPH World Ports Conference in Guangzhou last month.

IAPH Managing Director Patrick Verhoeven commented : "This very fine report concludes with the statement that the World Ports Sustainability Program provides Australia’s Ports with an opportunity to undertake an examination of its planning and operations against a global benchmark. This is exactly what our Program aims to achieve. Our objective is to now compile a World Ports Sustainability report which IAPH intends to publish in the Spring of 2020 that can further develop that global benchmark."

About Ports Australia

Ports Australia is the peak industry body representing port authorities and corporations, both publicly and privately owned, at the national level. The organisation seeks to advance Australia through a strong Port community. Ports Australia provides a conduit for best Port practice and ideas between members through working groups, conferences and online resources.

Contact : Michael Fairbairn, Communications Director

Email : mfairbairn@portsaustralia.com.au

About IAPH (iaphworldports.org)

Founded in 1955, the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) is a non-profit-making global alliance of 170 ports and 140 port-related organisations covering 90 countries. Its member ports handle more than 60 percent of global maritime trade and around 80 percent of world container traffic. IAPH has consultative NGO status with several United Nations agencies. In 2018, IAPH established the World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP). Guided by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, it aims to unite sustainability efforts of ports worldwide, encouraging international cooperation between all partners involved in the maritime supply chain. WPSP (sustainableworldports.org) covers five main areas of collaboration: energy transition, resilient infrastructure, safety and security, community outreach and governance.

Contact : Victor Shieh, Communications Partner, World Ports Sustainability Program (WPSP)

Email : victor.shieh@sustainableworldports.org