IMO – IAPH – BIMCO agenda announced for Hybrid Symposium 18- 19/01/23

“MARITIME SINGLE WINDOW 2024 – A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITIES” will focus on supporting IMO member states and their port communities to implement an MSW

IMO, IAPH and BIMCO have announced the agenda of the upcoming symposium which will be taking place at the iconic headquarters of the IMO on the Embankment of the River Thames in London, between 18th and 19th January. The event, which will also be transmitted live on the IMO You Tube channel, will be hosted by IMO with Member States, port authorities, shipowners, and other major international institutions such as the World Bank, European Union, US Coast Guard, alongside other key UN agencies including UNCTAD, UNECE, with supporting industry associations such as DCSA and IPCSA.

The meeting will opened by IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim accompanied by the IAPH President Capt. Subramaniam Karuppiah and BIMCO President-designate Nikolaus Schües.

On day one the focus will be on the big picture, namely how a Maritime Single Window fits in as part of the national digitalization strategy and roadmap, how to translate a vision on an MSW into a pragmatic approach towards implementation, the different ways an MSW can be structured, and the key elements around interoperability and applying robust industry standards for electronic data interchange.

Day two will commence with an explanation of how an MSW fits into the port call process of a vessel and the importance of data quality to optimize port calls so all parties can gain on efficiencies and ultimately reduce emissions. The final morning session will then focus on specific MSW projects implemented in countries with the support of IMO and the World Bank as well as available tools countries and their ports can use to implement a Maritime Single Window.

For a full line up, please check the footer of the dedicated portal on the IMO website that has been set up for this event, which can find here.