Womens’ Forum

On May 22, 2012, IAPH and its board established a Womens’ Forum to advance and empower women in the maritime industry. The Forum’s objectives include discussing women’s issues in the maritime industry, to find ways of attracting women to join the industry and to retain and develop female talent. The Forum also visibly promotes training programs, enabling women to better compete for positions at all levels, including those previously not open to women.

The forum is open to any women, both IAPH members and non-IAPH members, who are interested in networking, examining best practices, solving professional challenges and working together towards reaching the goals of this forum.

In addition to its Biennial Scholarship program and annual meeting scholarship , the Womens’ Forum has recently launched an innovative Mentoring Program.

The pilot project, which work via an online Mentorloop software platform, will offer 20 women marine pilots, harbour masters or VTS operators the chance to connect  to 20 mentors (both women and men) who have good experience in similar roles in a more senior position, across other ports around the world for a period of one year.

The pilot will be measured per a 6-8 month period for effectiveness with the plan to increase the number of participants on the platform in a second phase.

The ambition is to increase competences over a wide level of disciplines, including autonomous vessel automation, smart shipping technology platforms and operational roles which are usually occupied by men.

This initiative coincides with this year’s IMO theme ‘empowering women in the maritime community’. The chair and vice-chair of the Forum will be introducing the programme at events of the World Maritime University and IMO early April and it will be presented to all members in Guangzhou.

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