Port of Amsterdam – H2SHIPS project

The Port of Amsterdam is partner to the Interreg North-West Europe H2SHIPS project (2019-2022) that will demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of hydrogen bunkering and propulsion for shipping and will identify the conditions for successful market entry for the technology.

As part of its involvement to H2SHIPS, the Port of Amsterdam is building an innovative hydrogen powered port vessel, the first ship in the world that will sail on Sodium Borohydride (NaBH4). The representation vessel “Havenbeheer” will be used to sail the port’s guests through the port and the canals of Amsterdam. The vessel will be completely emission-free and silent, operating with a battery and a fuel cell.

The ship will have an electric engine and use NaBH4, a powder diluted in water which allows for safe storage and has a high flame point, as a solid hydrogen carrier for charging its batteries. With the Havenbeheer the Port of Amsterdam wants to boost the hydrogen economy in the region and to prove that innovative sailing in a circular way and using zero carbon fuel is feasible. The operational sailing experience with this innovative hydrogen solution is expected to enable a quick implementation of this technology on board of other ship types, especially other inland vessels.

After the finalization of its design in 2020, the Havenbeheer will be build in 2021 and expected to sail by the end of 2021.  The intention is for the ship to become an example for regional economy and the shipping industry and to boost the use of hydrogen as a fuel for shipping.