IAPH – Onshore Power Supply

One of the first working groups that was established under the umbrella of the International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH) World Port Climate Initiative (WPCI) was that on Onshore Power Supply (OPS). The group released an independent non-profit website on OPS in 2010. The website provides a wealth of practical information about OPS for seagoing vessels as a measure to improve air quality in ports and port cities and reduce emissions of air pollutants and noise and to a lesser extent carbon dioxide, by replacing onboard-generated power from diesel auxiliary engines with electricity generated onshore.

The website provides information on the environmental benefits of OPS and the associated costs. It highlights existing installations in ports worldwide and existing suppliers of the OPS technology and overall provides guidance for OPS implementation. The website is primarily targeted to port authorities, terminal operators and shipping companies who are considering the introduction or expansion of OPS technology.