The IAPH Clean Marine Fuels (CMF) Working Group’s aim is to assist ports to establish safe and efficient bunker operations as they migrate towards clean marine fuel provision. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the overall IAPH aim of supporting the transition of the shipping industry towards decarbonisation and improving air quality.

The Working Group aims to simultaneously tackle climate change and improve air quality by focusing on safe bunker operations for new fuels which can ultimately contribute to both objectives “from well to propeller”. It will focus on fuels which are defined as potential energy used for the ship’s internal operations stored on board. Through an open, data-sharing information platform, the WG will build a knowledge base that will enable ports to supply and transfer clean marine fuels to ships.

CMF embeds and builds on the previous work of IAPH on the safe bunkering of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as marine fuels and aims to transfer the lessons learned and experience acquired to all alternative fuels that the shipping industry will be selecting to use on its pathway towards de-carbonisation.