IAPH – Air quality and Greenhouse Gas Tool Box

The purpose of the IAPH Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Tool Box is to provide ports quick access to the tools needed to start the planning process for addressing port-related air quality and climate change issues. The toolbox provides information on air and climate issues and their relationship to port and maritime activities. Based on actual port experiences, it describes strategies to reduce emissions and provides guidance on how to develop a Clean Air Program and a Climate Protection Plan.

Strategies such as repowering older engines, applying effective technologies for efficiency and emission control, and using alternative and cleaner fuels in maritime operations can dramatically reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Undertaking such strategies can improve local air quality, safeguard public health, and protect ports and the planet from the effects of climate change.

Every port has different needs and capabilities. The resources in the IAPH toolbox are intended to help initiate, inspire, and inform port internal discussions about what course of action is right given the specific port circumstances. The toolbox achieves this by:

  • Demonstrating case studies and experiences of ports worldwide
  • Presenting and discussing strategies for improving air quality and for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Presenting step-by-step approaches for creating a clean air program and/or a climate protection plan
  • Inviting ports to share their practices and experiences and to learn from each other