Navigating a
Changing Climate

The partners of the Navigating a Changing Climate (NaCC) initiative are committed to work together to support the inland and maritime navigation infrastructure sector as they respond to climate change. By furthering understanding, providing targeted technical support, and building capacity, NaCC encourages the owners, operators and users of waterborne transport infrastructure to both reduce operational greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen resilience and improve preparedness to adapt to the changing climate.


Survey on understanding the consequences of extreme weather events

The partners in the international Navigating a Changing Climate initiative have teamed together to launch a survey to collect information about the effects of extreme weather events on seaports and inland ports.

The purpose of the survey is to gather information from port operators around the world to improve understanding of the consequences and costs of extreme meteorological and/or oceanographic events.

Results will be presented anonymously in an aggregate format; no individual port or waterway will be identified. The data collected will be held by the International Association of Ports and Harbors on behalf of the Navigating a Changing Climate partner associations.

The consolidated report will provide a new resource for use by the wider navigation infrastructure sector, helping seaports and inland ports make the right decision for their own business.

SURVEY LINKVisit the NaCC portal