Taskforce Port Call Optimization

With up to 1,200 ports throughout the world receiving anything up to 55,000 different types of ships, the International Taskforce kept its focus on and faith in three credos : simplification, unification and standardization.

By agreeing on the scope of data, functional definitions and their use the International Taskforce aims to reached a consensus on a data model, its formats and usage.

A complete definition of the port call process has been mapped out from a physical, technical, legal and data exchange perspective. This has been after four years of research and cooperation between industry partners to a point where the next step will involve agreeing on a standard data format for information exchange. Once this important milestone is achieved, the aim is to incorporate port call optimization as an industry standard with global recognition.

IAPH, through its World Ports Sustainability Program, will play a key role in ensuring that port authorities gear up for this initiative through training coordination, best practice and knowledge sharing. The ultimate objective is to improve vessel turnaround time at ports everywhere, which can potentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions in and around coastal areas, reduce bunkers and also improve efficiencies on the landside leg of the chain for cargo and passengers.

Main contact :

Cpt. Ben van Scherpenzeel, Chairman at International Taskforce Port Optimization

Tel: +31 653230439 | Email : Scherpenzeel.ehmc@harbourmaster.org