IAPH publishes factsheets from pioneers to close the gaps on innovation at ports

Ashdod Port incorporates a Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) arm in its incubator

Direct action as follow up to IAPH-World Bank recommendations to innovate and attract new talent to the port industry

IAPH expert members from the Innovation Group have been very busy over the summer months, with their ports already having successfully committed investments in people and resources when it comes to innovation. Their contributions, which are now published with the IAPH factsheet guide “The mindset shift towards innovation”, highlight their pioneering efforts to integrate innovation into their port businesses.

The publication, which is just 20 pages in length, offers 10 recommendations in the executive summary to all port leadership teams on how to integrate innovation in practice. There are further details on the “how” in the following sequential, two-page chapters, with a specific case example in each about how one port in particular succeeded in its quest.

Gadi Benmoshe, IAPH Innovation Group Chair and MD of Marinnovators

Gadi Benmoshe, who led the team of authors as Chair of the Innovation Group commented : “we have designed this short, non-technical guide which explains the positive role innovation can play in organizations, with practical examples from ports who have already commenced their own innovation journeys.”

This follows the recommendations cited in the IAPH-World Bank #CloseTheGaps report on global port infrastructure, which cites “advanced ports are also establishing innovation hubs and incubators, supporting proof of concepts and pilots that resolve their pain points and are in some cases assisting start-ups to grow in association with venture capital partners. This indirect approach also attracts new talent to the industry.”

Pascal Ollivier, who oversees the innovation activities as Chair of the IAPH Data Collaboration Committee added : “Raising awareness, avoiding misconceptions, standardizing and promoting best practices as to how port communities can apply emerging technologies has been part of our original industry call to action to digitalize back in June 2020 during the pandemic. Succeeding in putting a smart idea into practice not only accelerates digitalization. More importantly, it can shift port executives’ mindsets towards innovation. This is the theme of the whitepaper Gadi and his Innovation Group team members have put together, as a first step in a series of actions to support innovation in ports.”

Autonomous electric bus at the Port of Barcelona

The expert team is now showcasing this white paper’s content to the wider ports community, such as at the recent Valencia Digital Summit as well as the upcoming Smart Port – Piers of the future event in Barcelona. Innovation is a key theme also being discussed online between the IAPH membership using the innovative new format for exchanging news ideas : the IAPH Harbor Café.

The backdrop to the IAPH Harbor Café, where IAPH members drop in online to chat over a beverage

IAPH Managing Director Patrick Verhoeven concludes : “Innovation crosses the boundaries of all our three core IAPH themes of climate and energy, data collaboration and risk and resilience. It is the key to business improvement. As this white paper explains, innovation is not just about technology. A lot of it is about thinking differently.”

Valencia Port’s “OPENTOP” innovation hub launch

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