Terminal readiness

The increasing uptake of LNG-fuelled newbuild and retrofitted vessels means terminals need to be ready to receive them and to be able to do safe cargo handling during LNG bunkering operations. Although these vessels are safe by design, terminals need to prepare by reviewing their existing (terminal – vessel interface) safety procedures given the risk level associated with this fuel compared to conventional fuel types.

The IAPH CMF workgroup has compiled a guidance document on procedural and operational preparedness of a terminal to assure a safe handling of LNG-fuelled vessels, including a safe ship-to-ship LNG bunkering of the LNG-fuelled vessel alongside the terminal.

This will enable terminals to qualify as “LNG-ready terminal”, i.e. a terminal that has successfully aligned the procedures of its safety management system, the skills of its personnel and the preparedness of visitors such that it may handle LNG-fuelled vessels in a safe way.

Before you download the LNG-ready terminal guidance document and checklist, please read the terms and conditions.

IAPH-WPSP LNG-Ready Terminal - Port and Terminal Guidance