LNG bunker supplier accreditation model

The IAPH has developed an LNG bunker suppliers accreditation model which ports can use as a base for their accreditation system. Details of such a system are to be filled in by the ports themselves, taking national and local requirements in to account. An accreditation system for LNG bunker suppliers has the objective to impose safe operations. In such a system, LNG bunker suppliers have to comply with the port’s accreditation qualifications in order to attain a license for performing LNG bunker operations.

IAPH Audit Tool

Any IAPH port can license a bunkering company in their area, based on an equal system and auditing tool. No need for the individual ports to go through the entire audit process. Same story for the LNG bunkering company. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Please read the Terms & Conditions before you request a download of the IAPH Audit Tool.